• Meet Dr. Lauren Zalay

    At University Associates in Dentistry, our Chicago dentists are a huge part of the reason that we are able to give our patients such good services. Dr. Lauren Zalay is a valued member of our team and works hard to give all of her patients the best treatment possible.

    Dr. Zalay is a Chicago native who attended the Latin School of Chicago before graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a B.S. in Zoology. She completed her DDS at the University of Illinois in 2006 and also received the honorary Linda K. Tharp Award for Compassion in Providing Oral Healthcare to Patients.

    Since 2006, Dr. Zalay has offered her services throughout Chicago. She focuses on general dentistry and helps patients with crowns, root canals, fillings, and Invisalign. In between seeing patients, Dr. Zalay also submits work to the “Doctor of Dentistry” magazine. If you want to work with Dr. Zalay or any of the rest of the talented staff at University Associates in Dentistry , visit us online or call (312) 704-5511 to schedule an appointment.

  • Maintaining Your Newly Whitened Smile

    After you visit the dentist for a teeth whitening in Chicago , you can modify your behavior to ensure that your results last for as long as possible. Keep reading to find out how you can maintain your newly whitened smile long after you visit the dentist:

    Be Careful with Your Diet
    The wrong foods and beverages can quickly stain your teeth and reduce the effects of your teeth-whitening treatment. If you want to keep your smile bright and white, you should try to avoid large amount of coffee, tea, soda, red wine, and candy that could stain your teeth. Instead, try to fill your plate with foods that are high in calcium, protein, and healthy fats to keep your teeth healthy and your smile bright.

    Take Care of Your Teeth
    After your dentist whitens your teeth , it is important to maintain a good oral hygiene routine at home. You should brush your teeth twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and floss once a day. Try to drink water when you eat to clean out your mouth before foods can coat your teeth and ruin their white appeal.

    Ask Your Dentist About Medications
    When you visit the dentist to get your teeth whitened, you should bring a list of any medications that you are taking. Some medicines might stain the teeth as a side effect. Your dentist can tell you if any of these medications might affect your whitening results and whether or not there is an alternative that can prevent this issue.

    At University Associates in Dentistry , we work hard to help our patients get the most attractive, healthiest smiles. Our dental services include everything from teeth whitening treatments to dental implants to ensure that you have everything you need to get a smile that you love. To learn more about our services or to schedule your next appointment, visit us online or call (312) 704-5511.